Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Waiting | Reece's Rainbow

The title basically says it all.

I am waiting.

My dossier is in Eastern Europe. They are translating and getting it ready to be submitted.

Soon, it will be officially submitted and then approved by an adoption committee.

Once it is approved, I receive travel dates!  This feels so real. I am going to see my son!

I don't like the waiting. I'm not good at it, I have a million and one unnecessary questions, and I am fighting the urge to spend every dollar I have on cute little boy things.

I'm sure this will be one of those things that teaches you or helps you grow. I'm sure I'll see that looking back.

But right now I am praying to travel before the end of March, but realistically it may be April.

I am still working towards my fundraising goal of $1,000 by St. Patrick's Day.

This mama is waiting for her son. My son is waiting for his mama.


Look at baby Nels! Isn't he just the cutest?!
This is an old picture from Reece's Rainbow.

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