Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Get Worth Home | Reece's Rainbow

For the past few months, I have been pretty quiet on the fundraising front. I thought I was fully funded.

However, after checking and rechecking the numbers and talking with my family and wise friends, I have realized that I need more than I thought.

So it is back to the fundraising drawing board. Here's what we have so far.

The Puzzle Fundraiser is back! Lots of the world is still up for grabs, so claim your favorite spot while you can.

My son is definitely Worth the Wait, but boy is waiting hard! Snag a coffee mug or a cute shirt for the little one you waited for.


Have a heart. If you donate any amount to my Reece's Rainbow FSP, your name will go on a heart around Worth's map puzzle, and I will send you a traditional Martenitsa doll pair, which celebrates new life. (FSP needs to read $16,193 to be fully funded.)

I have lots of new and used baby clothes for sale on my Facebook. I have mailers ready to fill with these cute little outfits and send your way!

But you guys. I am stressing. I am worried. I am scared and nervous. But I am choosing to believe that money will not keep Worth from his family. Some way, some how, he's coming home. Soon.

So much love, Elizabeth

Son | Reece's Rainbow

It's been 149 days since I have written a post; the last thing I shared was the sheer joy of meeting my son.

I spent three wonderful days with Worth. And then I handed him to a nanny, who put him in a pack-and-play, and I turned and walked out of the orphanage door, tears streaming down my face.

For many of these past 149 days I struggled to find the words to express that feeling; that emptiness. Nothing seemed quite right. So this blog fell silent.

But then, on September 16, 2016, a judge on the other side of the world declared to be true what I already felt and knew.

I am Worth's mother. He is my son. Forever.

That was the best message I have ever gotten.

And just when I thought I couldn't possibly miss that little boy any more, the hole in my mama heart grew and my empty arms felt ever heavier. My son was waiting for me. With that longing though came a hope that, before, I was afraid to feel.

I'm coming, Worth! I am forever yours, just as you are forever mine.

Love, Worth's Mama