Monday, February 15, 2016

Au revoir, dossier! | Reece's Rainbow

Isn't that just the fanciest title!

In case you aren't up with the adoption lingo, the dossier is a bunch of paperwork with all kinds of personal information about you and your plans for adoption. Background checks, financial information, medical clearances - everything you might want to know about a potential parent!

Well, as of Friday, February 12, the last bit of my dossier was out of my hands and on its way around the world, making a few stops first.

And I have some pretty fancy feelings to send with it.




A hint of sadness.

And now I wait to travel for the first trip. (The country where my little guy lives requires two trips. One to meet him and one to pick him up!)

Waiting is by far the hardest part of adoption.

I am praying to meet my guy before the end of March, although that is a lofty prayer.

One day soon I will get to hold him and tickle him and tell him how very loved he is.


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