Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Greater Things - Part 2 | Reece's Rainbow

Greater things have yet to come.

For several months, I prayed those words and waited expectantly. It didn't feel right to think that anything could be "greater" than my little girl who was not to be mine.

But still I prayed.

I looked into adopting from several other countries. I looked (again) into foster care. I stopped looking altogether.

Then one day, I noticed a tiny little girl who was newly listed on Reece's Rainbow, an advocacy website for orphans with special needs.

Her tiny face stared at me through my phone screen. My first though was, "Her mama needs to find her FAST." I said a little prayer for her, and continued on in my day.

Later, as people began asking about her and praying for her family to find her, I again thought, "Lord, send her family SOON."

I couldn't stop thinking about the tiny girl in the pink onesie. I couldn't stop thinking about the five years of neglect. Five years without a mama and goodnight kisses. Five years of silent pain.

And then, while still praying for her family to come soon, I emailed her agency. I heard back from a wonderful lady named Judy. Judy told me that just a couple of hours before my email, they had received new pictures and videos of this little girl. She sent them to me, along with her medical records, and I prayed some more.

Where is her family?

The next day, a large grant was given for this tiny girl to find her family.

I continued to pray. I know hundreds of others prayed too.

And then, I knew.

Greater things have yet to come.

This tiny girl in the pink onesie was waiting for me, and I for her.

God is good.

Soon, I will write more about my tiny little Heavenleigh (her Reece's Rainbow name) and the process of adopting her. I am further along than I was able to get with Uganda, and I feel confident that things will move smoothly. Please pray for Heavenleigh. She is literally fighting to stay alive as I work to get to her. She has made it for five years; I believe she can make it a few more months.


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