Sunday, April 24, 2016

Nine Sleeps! | Reece's Rainbow

On Thursday, April 21, I was sitting at lunch with my coworkers as usual. I was scrolling through Facebook on my phone and halfheartedly listening to the various conversations.

I got a notification for a new email, so I slid it down out of habit.

As soon as I read the subject line, I gasped and dropped my phone.

Travel dates!

I had my written referral and it was go time. I was in complete shock!

Adoption is hard. You work really hard to do paperwork and appointments as quickly as possible, then you w-a-i-t and w-a-i-t and w-a-i-t and then BAM! You go meet your son.


Now is the whirlwind of preparations. Plane tickets. Hotel rooms. Packing lists. Toys, clothes. Sub plans.

And so, so much anticipation.

In just over a week, I get to introduce you to my boy. What pure joy.

With much love and excitement,

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  1. So excited for you - and all of us! God's will and timing is always perfect. I'm praying for you as you begin the hardest, yet most wonderful, journey of your life. I love you... Mom / Lollie